Let them eat cake!

…but not in an out-of-touch dictator sort of way, of course… just in a regular yummy fresh-cake-from-the-local-foodies-market sort of way. Um.. OK I’m totally not making sense here.

Aaaaanyway, I haven’t done much food photography, but it does look like fun, what with all the deliciousness involved (what’s that? you’re not supposed to be eating the props? damn, I really got that part of it wrong then!) so I was happy to jump right in and take some snaps of the beautiful and delectable “Cakes by Jessica Kate”, at her second ever stall at the Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market last weekend. All her cakes are lovingly home-baked so they’re delightfully fresh and there’s also some vegan and/or gluten free options: all equally delicious.

If you’re near Ramsgate in Sydney and love cake, check out “Cakes by Jessica Kate” on instagram to find out her next market date!


Full disclosure:
1. Jessica Kate is my sister-in-law
2. I did eat the last lemon tart
3. I did eat more cakes afterwards
4. They were all delicious